Green Vista Farm


Why grassfed beef you ask?  It’s simple, because I said so.  That aside, if you want more information why you should consume grassfed beef verse your grainfed beef click here.

Jon and Deb Burger are nothing but extraordinary. Their farm is located in Wooster, OH.   They are so knowledgeable and so eager to spread their knowledge onto the future customers.  I remember the first time that we went out to Green Vista Farms to speak to Jon and order our first of many 1/4 of a cow that would later get processed into mouth watering grassfed beef.  At first sight, I saw lush green pastures, cows grazing on the grass, with plenty of room for them to move.  It was a sight that brought happy tears to my eyes.  It was a much better sight to see, then cows so confined where they can’t even turn around.  Also, Jon and Deb’s cows had no hole into their rumen (one of the four chambers of their stomachs).  Granted, they are not scientists, they are farmers.

Jon took us on a tour of the farm and we spoke to him for a good hour or so.  I remember walking away, mind blown, because he fed us so much information.  But we drove away knowing that we were getting the best quality grassfed beef that money could buy near Akron, OH.

You can find them at the Medina Farmer’s Market in the Town Square– Saturdays, June – October 9am to 1pm

Or please feel free to visit their website:

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