Brunty Farms


Brunty Farms is a sustainable farm located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Akron, Ohio.  It is currently ran by Jeff Brunty and Melanie Schenk.  It’s amazing to see just over the past three years all that they have taken on to bring quality food from pasture to your plate.  Before I started dating Brian in August 2009 he was already purchasing his eggs (8 dozen at a time) from Jeff and Melanie, after all he was eating 5-6 eggs at a time, several times a day.

I remember my first visit to the farm in 2009.  Brian and I arrived and Jeff was there to greet us.  We walked down past the pond where ducks were sunbathing, down the hill to the chicken coop and Jeff clapped his hands and within seconds we were fully encircled by over 900 chickens running free on the pasture.  At that moment, I was hooked.  I knew that I wanted to do everything that I could to support the growth of this farm.  Since, that moment Brian and I have stuck by that promise.  Since then we have signed up for their meat CSA, where we get eggs and chickens on a bi-weekly basis and then one turkey before Thanksgiving.  Our first year(2010) as CSA members we signed up for a half a pig, but this past year (2011) we ordered a whole pig.   But we are eagerly awaiting this years (2012) CSA to start up so we can indulge on the fresh meat since the chicken and pork is dwindling fast in our deep freezer.  Every morning I look forward to being BRUNTIFIED while I anxiously enjoy my Brunty Farms breakfast filled with two scrambled eggs, two piece of nitrate free bacon, and two country sausage links.

Brunty Farms currently, but is not limited too, providing you with quality meats and eggs.
They currently provide…

  • Duck and Chicken Eggs
  • Pastured Raised Chicken
  • Pastured Raised Turkeys
  • Pork
  • Duck
  • Lamb
  • Heritage Poultry
  • Game Birds and
  • Produce

For more information about Brunty Farms.
Please feel free to check out their website at

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