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Back in 2011, I decided to take the next step in my Paleo lifestyle by weeding out the products with harsh chemicals that I apply on my skin and bring in healthy, nutrient rich products.  As a massage therapist, I’m touching people every single day.  I wanted to make sure that whatever products I was putting on my skin was 100% natural because I didn’t want my clients skin to react to harsh chemicals I applied on my skin.

While browsing the web in search of a cosmetic company that made their products from all natural ingredients I stumble upon 100% Pure, and the rest is history.

I placed my first order and instantly fell in love with the products.  The mascara is by far my favorite product.  It’s like aromatherapy in a tube.  After placing several orders, I knew I wanted to offer these products to people that I know.  I started searching how to become a 100% Pure Consultant, and that is when I found the company Alex + Von.  After using the 100% Pure products for several months and talking to other Alex and Von consultants I FINALLY became a 100% Pure Consultant for Alex and Von.



The 100% Pure Story – Truly 100% Pure

Let me first introduce you to Susie Wang, Founder of 100% Pure Cosemtics and
Ric Kostick, CEO (and Susie Fiance). Founded in 2004.

Having grown up with her Geisha grandmother in Japan, Susie did not grow up like a typical child.  Susie’s studies included herbs, teas, sake, trees, and flowers, and has been an avid gardener since she was 5 years old, growing her own berries to make facial masks.  While studying at the University of California at Berkeley, Susie accidently discovered her calling.  Susie wanted to protect her skin from aging with one of the heavily advertised Vitamin C serums that was sold in upscale department stores.  In the process of using her Vitamin C product, she became upset when noticing that the serum started turning brown only one week after opening it.  Susie knew the brown color meant oxidation; when oxidation occurs it means the Vitamin C loses it potency.  Susie was upset at how cosmetic companies were misrepresenting what they were selling so she discovered a way to stabilize all natural ingredients used in skincare from oxidizing and has patented this technology.  When she patented this invention, some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies began courting her, which is how she began working for them as a skincare formulator and product developer.

While working in their lab and formulating the “next big eye cream,” Susie accidently knocked over a vial of a chemical that was to go into that eye cream.  Within minutes, the chemical eroded the lab table.  Shocked that the ingredients used to formulate cosmetics were harsh enough to eat away a lab table, Susie began digging for answers.  She soon discovered that many chemicals that were widely used in cosmetics were proven to cause cancers, tumors, irritations, and other skin disorders.  In addition to using toxic chemicals, Susie witnessed formulas only having a dash of the active ingredients that was being advertised and that most formulas were diluted with water, thickeners, emulsifiers and other cheap fillers.  Furthermore, Susie was outraged that many companies claimed “no animal testing” -even though the final formula itself was not tested on animals, many of the ingredients used were tested on animals.

After being exposed to the traditional manufacturing process of cosmetics, Susie chose to uphold her integrity, walk away from millions of dollars in offers, and make her life mission to create pure, effective, and cruelty-free products.


Now you are probably asking, “what makes 100% Pure different from all other
cosmetic companies?”

Here is a list.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Key Ingredients:

  • Made with natural, organic, and food grade ingredients.
  • Synthetic and chemical free.
  • Vegan except where honey is used.

Truly 100% Pure:  

  • No synthetic chemicals, artifical fragrances, petrochemicals, chemical preservatives or any other toxins.
  • No fillers or added water.  Uses organic and food-grade ingredients.
  • “Healthy food for your skin”.
  • Effective yet gently enough for sensitive skin.

Cruelty Free:

  • Products and ingredients never tested on animals.
  • Makeup brushes are vegan and made of synthetic fibers.
  • Company rescues and aids needy animals.

Fruit & Vegetable Pigmented Cosmetics:

  • Using fruit and vegetable pigmented cosmetics is revolutionary- most other companies are made with synthetic dyes and minerals.
  • Fruit and vegetable pigements provide high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins which your skin benefits from.

Other Interesting Tidbits: 

  • Packaging is made from recycled plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.
  • Printing uses soy and vegetable ink
  • Formulas are 100% biodegradable
  • Shipping materials use recycled materials and 100% biodegradable.

Ready to place you order for 100% Pure, click here.

Or if you have questions please feel free to contact me through the contact page.

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